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Tutorial - How to Edit Audio on Mac?

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Not just audio recording, Free Audio Recorder/Editor for Mac also allows users to edit audio files in any formats. You can cut, copy, paste your audio, splice and mix audio tracks together, mute audio, etc. Custamizable audio effects like echo, delay, applification, speed changing, pitch shifting, etc. can make your audio unique.

Step 1. Input Audio

After launching Free Audio Recorder/Editor for Mac, click "File - Open..." and in the activated window, choose the audio file you want to edit, then click "Open". Or you can drag the audio file icon to the Free Audio Recorder/Editor for Mac icon directly.

Input Audio

Step 2. Select a Part of the File

After that, you will see the waveform of the audio in the program window and the ruler above the waveform shows you the length of the audio in minutes and seconds. click the "Selection Tool" and move the mouse to the point you want to set as the beginning point and then drag along with the waveform to the point set as end point. Or you can input the start, end and length of time to choose specified region at the bottom of the editor.

Select a Part of the File

Step 3. Edit the Selected Part

Now you can edit the selection by clicking the buttons of cut, copy, paste, trim, zoom in/out, silent audio, sync-lock tracks and so on. You can use unlimited Undo & Redo to restore some operations made during the editing. Moreover, other tools like Draw tool, Envelope tool, Time Shift tool are available to suit your needs.

Edit the Selected Part

Step 4. Save the Changes

When the editing is finished, click "File - Export Audio" and in the activated window, input the name for the audio and choose the output folder and then click "Save".

Edit the Selected Part

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