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Tutorial - How to Play Videos on Mac?

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With video becoming increasingly important in delivering entertainment, news, commercial, enterprise and social content, a video player can be a necessity in your daily life. Free Video Player for Mac just comes in need by bringing great flexibility to watch any video files in any formats, codecs with high quality images and sound.

Step 1. Input Video

To open video files in Free Video Player for Mac , you simply have to drag the file on to the interface window, or click "Open media" and in the "Open Source" window you will be provided with 4 options to input the video you want to play.

Input Video

Step 2. Choose Video Type

"File" - click "Browse" and in the activated window, choose the video file you are going to play and click "Open". If needed, you can add subtitle file and play another media synchronously. You can also customize video playback by setting the start and stop time. To specify streaming and transcoding options, just check "Streaming/Saving" and click "Settings...".

"Disc" - to play DVD in VLC player, you need to insert your DVD into your disc drive first and then choose the disc in "Disc" tab. You are allowed to enable the DVD menus to choose the title and chapter as you need.

"Network" - to play the online video, get the URL from the address bar of your browser and paste it in the "URL" input field. To specify Procotol, mode and port and IP address settings, click "Open RTP/UDP Stream".

Choose Video Type

Step 3. Play the Video

Now, click "Play" button to start video playing. During the process, you can forward, backward or stop video playing and choose to show/hide playlist, toggle full screen mode and so on. Free Video Player for Mac also allows users to capture or record desktop screen video if needed.

Play the Video

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