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Keep Your Files Safe & Make Them Easy to Share

With Free CD Burner for Mac you can burn your files and all the other data to CD and DVD disc for your later access. It also makes a great second copy of your important files, keeping them safe from accidental disk damage or other incidents. It also enables you to share your data with users of different operating systems by choosing filesystems. Advanced settings like file permissions, disc icon, file dates and more are changeable in the inspector.


Create Audio CD for Music Fun

Creating standard Audio CD playable on CD players and CD drives can be done in a few clicks now! Just drop your audio or music files in the audio list and hit Burn. It can burn MP3 discs if you want more music on your disc, while burning DVD-Audio is another surprise to get you audio in much higher quality. You are allowed to edit CD-Text, MP3 tag, etc. to personalize your disc.


Share Your Movies on DVD-Video

Want to create your own movie DVD to share with friends and families? Free CD Burner for Mac can burn video DVD from a broad range of video formats. It also burn Video CD and DivX discs to offer you more choices. You can customize you DVD-Video disc with interactive menus and choose or create a theme.


Copy Discs & Recreate Discs

If you have a disc you want to reproduce, Free CD Burner for Mac is the perfect disc duplicator. If you have 2 drives, it can directly copy disc to disc; with only 1 drive you can also copy a disc by temporary saving the disc. You can also recreate a disc from its image.


Convert Video & Audio Files

No more frustration brought by media conversion! Free CD Burner for Mac can convert video and audio files into compatible formats with all portable players and media apps. You can change the quality and size to make the video/audio perfectly fit your requirement.


Ways to Burn Audio CD on Mac
Ways to Burn Audio CD on Mac

There are still several situations where you'll find that CDs are the optimal way to share or store your music. With Free CD Burner for Mac, you can burn audio files including MP3, WMA, WAV and more formats to an audio CD for truly captivating music enjoyment. [More...]

How to Burn Audio CD on Mac
How to Burn Audio CD on Mac?

There are times when it is necessary for you to make the music on CDs. Maybe your car doesn't have a USB slot to plug in flash memory or an iPod, but there is only a CD player. Or maybe you want to burn music to a blank CD to listen to the songs without ruining the original quality. Free CD Burner for Mac is an all-in-one, easy to use disc-burning software for Mac that has the ability to burn different kinds of discs with just a few clicks. [More...]

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