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Clean Your Mac

Free Mac Cleaner is an intelligent utility to help clean you Mac and remove unwanted apps safely and efficiently. It can uninstall the apps in your Mac OS along with countless useless files they distribute throughout your system which takes up much valuable harddisk space needlessly.


Drag-and-Drop Your Apps to Uninstall

Here's a quick start: just drop the app you want to uninstall onto Free Mac Cleaner window! No complicated tricks! Of course you can also use the app list to view all the apps installed and choose the one(s) you want to uninstall.


Thorough & Complete Removal

Free Mac Cleaner can detect the app you want to uninstall as well as all related files and you can check the ones you want no more and delete them by a simple click. It scans every corner of your Mac without exception. It guarantees a thorough cleanup without residuals.


Advanced Filter and Search Bar

A filter is provided via which you can view the lists of Applications, Widgets or Plugins. By clicking on the listed item you can open its location. The search bar enables you to search the name of the app/widgets/plugin by partially entering the name in the field.


Free, Easy, Light & Safe

Free Mac Cleaner works completely free for Mac OS users. It's simplified to the extreme so that everyone can use it without troubles. It is very small and brings no burden to your system. It contains no adware, spyware, bloatware or any other malicious stuff.


Ways to Clean Mac
Ways to Clean Mac

There might be many kinds of junk files on your Mac: cache, logs, app leftovers and so on. There's nothing like regular cleaning to help your Mac stay fast and powerful. And with Free Mac Cleaner, a top-to-bottom Mac cleanup takes just a few clicks. Just choose what you want to delete and hit Clean and gigabytes of junk are gone. That can never be easier. [More...]

How to ?
How to Clean Your Mac?

If your Mac computer is getting sluggish, that means it store gigabytes of junk files and which can not only takes up space but also slows your Mac. To clean up Mac manually is a laborious task, and it is not nearly enough. That's how this professional Mac cleaner software comes - Free Mac Cleaner. It finds all the extra applications, widgets and plugins left on your Mac, allowing you to remove them in just a single click. [More...]

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