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Tutorial - How to Rip DVD and Blu-ray Videos on Mac?

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Addicted to movies on DVD and Blu-ray? Rip and copy them to your hard drive so you can enjoy them without having to get up off the couch to drop a disc in the DVD player. You have everything on your Mac digitally, so why would you want to mess around with physical discs? With Free DVD/Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, you can not only rip DVD/ Blu-ray movies, but also convert them to any formats with fast speed and simple steps!

Step 1. Insert a DVD and Pick What to Rip

Firstly you need to insert your DVD into your Mac's disc drive and launch Free DVD/Blu-ray Ripper for Mac. By default, there will pop up a dialog box and ask you to select the DVD mounted on your Mac, choose the video DVD and click "Open". After the scan of DVD, choose the title from the dropdown menu of "Title".

Insert a DVD and Pick What to Rip

Step 2. Specify Output Settings

Click the "Toggle Presets" button at the right top of the program window. In the presets drawer, click "Devices" there will listed some options like Universal, iPod, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android and so on, choose the one you need.

Choose the output folder for the ripped files by clicking "Browse" and then choose an output format from the menu of "Format". In "Video" tab, choose the video codec, framerate, output quality and specify encoder settings.

Specify Output Settings

Step 3. Start Ripping

Now, hit "Start" button to start ripping DVD and some ripping information will be displayed. The DVD video will be successfully ripped in no time.

More Advanced Settings:

Audio: alter or remove audio tracks;
Subtitles: find whatever subtitle or captioning data comes on your DVD and decide which to include in your ripped file;
Chapters: import or export chapters;
Click "Picture Settings" to specify the picture size or choose to Deinterlace/Decomb so that the output videos play better on computer screens;
Click "Preview Window" button to make sure you've chosen the right title before you start encoding;
Click "Add to Queue" button to add several items to the encoding queue

Start Ripping

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