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Tutorial - Ways to Clean Mac

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1. Free Mac Cleaner

There might be many kinds of junk files on your Mac: cache, logs, app leftovers and so on. There's nothing like regular cleaning to help your Mac stay fast and powerful. And with Free Mac Cleaner, a top-to-bottom Mac cleanup takes just a few clicks. Just choose what you want to delete and hit Clean and gigabytes of junk are gone. That can never be easier.

Step 1. Input Applications

Once Free Mac Cleaner has been launched, click the right top list button of the program window and all the applications you installed in you Mac will be listed. If you just want to delete any specific application on desktop or somewhere you know exactly, you can drag and drop it in the program window directly.

Input Applications

Step 2. Choose Items & Start Cleaning

There kinds of items will be listed from the menu on the left top of the window: Application, Widgets and Plugins, choose any one of them as you need.

To delete any application, click it from the list and you will find all of the related files listed and Free Mac Cleaner has checked some of them by default, then click "Remove" to delete the application and its related files from your Mac.

You are allowed to quickly find the application you want to delete by inputting its name in the searching box.

Choose Items & Start Cleaning

2. Many Other Items Free Mac Cleaner can clean

When your Mac needs a performance boost, Free Mac Cleaner steps in with a set of cleaning functions. You can clear desktop, get rid of old iChat logs, reindex Spotlight or speed up Mail to help your Mac run smoothly.

Take out the Trash
You may think that once something is in the Trash it is gone forever, but you'd be wrong. Items tossed into OS X's Trash can remain there until you remember to choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu or Free Mac Cleaner can do the job.

Deal with Duplicate Data
If you've been using the same Mac for a while, it's likely that you have duplicate items cluttering up your computer. Fortunately, Free Mac Cleaner can easily deal with those items.

Clear the Desktop
Many Mac users believe the Desktop is the perfect place to store files. After all, it puts the files you use most often front and centre. If you've noticed that the Finder has become poky and you have a lot of items on the Desktop, there's your answer – too much clutter. It's time to pick up your junk.

Clean up Ditch Widgets
Helpfully, your Mac is bundled with widgets – but they run in the background, taking up browser threads and processes. Getting rid of what you don't want is becoming necessary.

Get rid of Old iChat Logs
If you use iChat, you can have the program store logs of your chats, taking up a lot of space. While you may want to save recent chat logs, you may have months of files you can trash, saving a lot of disk space.

Delete Application Backups
Many programs offer automatic backups and store copies of files just like iChat saves chat logs. You may find that it has tucked away several gigabytes of duplicate files, depending on how the program saves them. Deleting these backup files can save space and make searching via OS X's Spotlight much easier.

Get rid of Mail Downloads
When you receive attachments to e-mail messages in Apple's Mail, the files are stored with your messages at first. But if you double-click an attachment to view it or if you use QuickLook to glance at it, Mail stores a copy in your youruserfolder/Library/Mail Downloads folder. You can generally delete these without worry to gain a huge amount of space.

Delete Log Files
Your Mac stores lots of log files, most of which you never need to review. You can delete many of these files without affecting your Mac and you can save significant space since some of these files can be quite large.

Weed out iTunes Dupes
If you're cavalier about how you monitor your iTunes library, you may have a lot of duplicate files. Check these files carefully and you may find some that you can get rid of, saving space not only on your Mac, but also on your iPad or iPhone.

Reset Safari
If you use Apple's Safari, some of the programs can take up unnecessary space. For instance, the cache file is intended to make your browsing snappier, but can easily consume hundreds of megabytes. You can reset Safari every now and then to speed up your browsing and save disk space.

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