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Tutorial - Ways to Convert Video on Mac

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1. Free Video Converter for Mac

As the most powerful and professional video converter, Free Video Converter for Mac has the ability to convert any video formats into the target formats you want, popular or rare. The high-resolution videos like 720p, 1080p, Blu-ray, 4k, etc. are all well accepted.

Step 1. Input Video Files

After launching Free Video Converter for Mac, you can drag and drop video files directly into the program window or click "Choose Files..." to choose the video you want to convert in the popped up window.

Input Video Files

Step 2. Specify Output Settings

Select the device you want to optimize the video for: "Apple", "Android" and "Other". Each of them has a dropdown menu of various presets for devices, choose the one you prefer.

You can also choose the format directly from "Format". The video size can be adjusted by checking "Custom Size" and input the number in the box of "Width" and "Height". Or you can use the custom aspect ratio by checking the option of "Custom Aspect Ratio". The video might be a little blurry when it is enlarged, so you can check "Don't Upsize" to avoid this situation. To create video thumbnails after the conversion, just check "Create Thumbnails".

Specify Output Settings

Step 3. Start Video Conversion

When all settings are ready, click "Convert to xxx" button to start conversion. When the process is complete, click "Show File" to directly find the output file.

Start Video Conversion

2. The Finder

Converting a video file to another one can be made extremely easy with the help of the media encoding abilities of Mac OS X that are built directly into the Finder. With this, you can convert many popular video formats into others.

The Finder

3. Quicktime

Did you know QuickTime, the video player bundled in OS X, can also function as a video converter? You can use it to export video to a designated target format or make the video optimized for the web. It can also export video to a general format using the regular export dialog.


4. Free Mac Video Player

Free Video Player for Mac just comes in need not only for video playing but also video conversion. It is packed with hidden features and a video converter is one of them. Yes, you can use Free Video Player for Mac to convert videos.

Free Mac Video Player

5. Online

If you only need to convert some video clips on Mac, it won't be necessary to install a video converting program to change formats for you. There are plenty of online video converters can help you.


6. Other Video Converter

Besides conversion speed, you must pay more attention to the converted video quality when you have a demand to convert videos. Here we recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to help you change video formats with ease.

Other Video Converter

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