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Tutorial - Ways to Download Video on Mac

Free Download

1.Free Video Downloader for Mac

Free Video Downloader for Mac enables users to enjoy large amount of videos without buffering or ads. It can download videos from the longest list of video sharing websites including Facebook, Hulu, Vevo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Yahoo, etc. You can choose any desired download formats and quality as long as they are provided by the website.

Step 1. Paste URL of Online Video

Once launched Free Video Downloader for Mac, copy the URL of the video page and paste it in the box of "Paste Your Video URLs below". To download multiple video files at one time, just paste their URLs in the box.

Paste URL of Online Video

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Click "Options - Video" and in the dropdown menu of "Video Format", choose an output format for the downloaded video.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Video Download

Now, click "Download" to start video download and some details will be provided for download progress control.

More advanced tools are available to fulfil your needs:

Playlist: download video playlist and set max download
Output: options for output file name (ASCII, ID, Title)
Subtitles: download subtitle file by language/all available subtitles/automatic subtitle file
Filesystem: open destination folder, write description to file, write thumbnail to disk, etc.
Shutdown: choose to shutdown computer when conversion is finished
Authentication: password and username inputting for video sharing websites or videos
Connection: use proxy for connection
Localization: choose localization language

Start Video Download

2. Free Video Player for Mac

As the most popular media players for mac, Free Video Downloader for Mac can also be used to download online videos. Additionally, it provides an alternate and easy method of downloading full resolution online videos on your Mac.

Free Video Player for Mac

3. Via Browsers

In Chrome

In Chrome Web Store you can get the plugin that does the work. On the menu bar, click "Window - Chrome Web Store" to search and download "Ultimate YouTube Downloader". After that a "Download" button will appear under the video.

In Firefox

In Firefox an Add-on can do this. On the menu bar, click "Tools - Add-ons" to search and install "DownloadHelper". After restarting your Firefox, you can see the DownloadHelper icon spin.

In Opera

In Opera an extension is needed to download YouTube videos. In the "Menu", click "Extensions - Get Extensions" to search and install "YouTube Downloader". After that a "Download" button will appear under the video. Also, there are a few optional qualities.

In Safari

Open the video URL and play the video for seconds, then pause it. When the grey progress bar is filled, on the menu bar, click "Window - Activity" and find the line that represents the video being streamed. Double-click on the line to start download.

Via Browsers

4. Directly from Internet

Via Replacing Domain with "savemedia.com"
If you are watching a video in your browser and in the address bar you can see the URL is like "www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx" and you can simply replace "youtube.com" with "savemedia.com" and make it look like "www.savemedia.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx". Then you just need to press Enter and the video will automatically download.

Directly from Internet

5. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader

There are a number of programs that can download videos from Internet. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader can be one of your choices. It supports downloading YouTube videos in batch and has the ability to shut down your Mac or let it enter sleep mode when the download is finished.

Directly from Internet

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